An Independence Day post from my Dad

My Dad wrote this over a year ago, but since it’s June 12, The Philippine Independence Day, I thought it’s worth reposting. My Dad rarely writes, but when he does, it is always worth posting . This¬† post is his reaction when a retired US Navy “Pinoy” who left the Philippines in 1975 called the [...]

Photography, we meet again.

It’s been a long while since I last had a photoshoot. I’m not counting the product shots we usually take at work because, well, they are just products and everything is pretty much fixed already. Setup 3 lights around the light table, meter, put the products on the table and click. When a project calls [...]

Destroy then Create

In my years of design practice, I have learned that it’s very hard to come up with good design when you want to preserve what’s already out there.¬†There’s a need to break things, to dissect and to disassemble, then make something new out of the pieces. Before you can create, you must first be willing [...]

My First Post: An Interview

I am Myles Jamito and I am a designer. I’ve wanted to do this blog for quite some time now, but whenever I attempt to start, I always find myself not knowing what to write – especially my first post. Thanks to Justin Roxas, an Industrial Design Student from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. [...]